At Fun Financial, we do comprehensive financial planning for retained clients as well as limited project engagements.

We serve creative people and anyone who has felt neglected by traditional financial institutions.

What is Fun Financial?

At Fun Financial, we make learning about you more than learning about the numbers. We believe that knowing your client should go beyond the quantitative analysis that has traditionally been the basis of financial planning, and believe it should include the qualitative factors that make you you.

It’s fun to have someone on your side.

At Fun Financial, you have a partner working alongside you to help you reach your goals.  We make sure that your money is working for the things that are important to you and understand that not all of us define success in the same way. Your goals. Your dreams. Our job is to help you realize them.


It’s fun to have a rainy-day fund.


We believe that your emergency fund is your most important investment. You’ll never regret having a cash stash.

It’s fun to have a sunny-day fund.

We understand that you have a life and that you invest and save so that you can support that life. We don’t believe clients should be guilt-tripped or shamed about spending their money on the most important and meaningful parts of their lives. In fact, we encourage them to. Our task is to listen and make sure clients are spending their money in alignment with their goals and priorities, not ours.


It’s fun to have someone on your side when life isn’t so fun.


We specialize in working with those who have lost a loved one and give our clients permission to slow things down and take the time they need to heal. Often when we lose a loved one, we feel obligated or forced to make decisions quickly in order to “move on” or make progress before we are ready to. We understand what you are going through and are here to support you.

It’s fun to keep more of what you make and lose less.


We believe that what you keep is more important than what you make. We’ll help you hold onto more of what you have earned. We also don’t want you to take risks you don’t need to take, and weigh the downside potential of your portfolio as much as the upside potential.

It’s fun to save.

We make saving exciting. We understand that society doesn’t tend to define success by how much you don’t spend, which is why we provide positive reinforcement and encouragement for our clients to keep more for themselves. Sometimes, it pays to not do what everyone else is doing. And in our current zero interest rate environment, where to save and what savings vehicles to use are more important than ever.

It’s fun to be safe and not take on unnecessary risks.


We’re big believers in diversification and efficient markets, but also know that human sentiment and behavioral factors drive markets in addition to economic data. We make sure your portfolio’s risk/return expectations are appropriate for your needs and investment timeline. All investment involves risk: We just don’t want you to take on more risk than you need to.

It’s fun to support causes you care about.

Whether you have an interest in socially responsible investing, want to set up a Donor Advised fund, or use a qualified charitable donation to give to your favorite cause, we have you covered and can assist you in supporting the causes you care the most about.


It’s fun to have someone who knows you.

We know that having someone who knows you and your specific needs and history is priceless in a world where you have to start from scratch every time you have to email or pick up the phone for service. We like to know about your passions, interests, hobbies, projects, dreams, and wild ideas because it helps us better match your financial resources to your goals and priorities.

It’s fun to not get taken advantage of.

Fun Financial’s founder, Jake Morris, is a fiduciary, meaning he is legally required to act in his client’s best interests at all times. In addition, we don't take custody of client’s assets. You can keep your money wherever you want to. We’ll help make sure you get the best deals wherever you are.

It’s fun to have a plan, especially before plans change.


With all the transformations to U.S. tax laws we’ve had in recent years, from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to the SECURE Act and CARES Act, we’ve seen major changes to tax planning strategies and the creation of new opportunities.


With the upcoming presidential election and the potential of more tax changes on the table, now’s the time to have a comprehensive financial plan in place. Knowing what your options are can be a major stress reliever and can help you reach your financial goals more effectively than if you don’t take action.

It’s fun to plan for the future and live for today.

We believe that clients should feel empowered by the actions and steps they are making towards their goals and dreams, not scared that they don’t know what they are doing or afraid to ask questions. We try to balance your best life now with your dreams and goals for the future and don’t see the two as being mutually exclusive. Simple as that.

You’re not like everybody else, and neither are your financial dreams and concerns.

At Fun Financial, we like to say that your financial planning should feel like going on vacation, not like going to the dentist.

Your life isn’t dull and boring, so why should your finances be?

You be you. We’ll help you get where you want to go.

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